Baby Monitor

When I look at baby monitors in stores like Babies R’ Us, I think to myself – Is this the best we can do? It basically just streams live video/audio from the camera which is often placed around crib and parents monitor that from some other room (If they hear or see anything in that tiny monitor). It is fine to some extent but fails to address some important issues. What if the baby quietly gets out of the crib and rolls on the floor? What if the baby’s body temperature rises when he/she is asleep? What if the baby starts to breath fast?

While doing the research regarding wearable technology, I came up with some innovative ideas that address such kind of issue. My idea is thus to create a baby monitor made of very soft material which you can strap on the baby’s ankle. It will not only monitor ambient temperature, body temperature, heart rate, oxygen level but also track the baby’s movement and sends alerts to the monitor screen and phone(s) when any unusual data is read.